Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Bell

I really did keep my nose to the grindstone yesterday. I started out with a pair of tatted kitty ears to make for an order, but as they were finished fairly quickly I was right back to the new, larger jellyfish design. I did end up cutting out more than on new row as it wasn't behaving at first, but I still managed to get the bell portion completed.

Since it is much larger than the original ones, I need to make much longer hyperbolic sections for the oral arms. I started with the longest one just so everything after that would seem easier, but after three hours of tatting it, I'm still not done. Of course I'm also doing at least the longest one with three rows rather than the two of the originals, again because of the size difference.

While I did get the supply I was waiting for, it was rather late in the day. I did get to check and see if it would work and I think it will, but it will require additional tatting. I don't want to share until I'm positive it will come together, so you'll likely hear about it later today if you're on the facebook page, or tomorrow if not.

 I do have an order to make first thing today, then it's back to the original jellies to see if I can in fact get them ready to list today. If all that is accomplished it's back to hyperbolic tatting for the rest of the day. This new jelly is going to take quite a bit more time to get together. Hopefully it will be worth it. I suppose if nothing else, it has definitely given me something to distract me for awhile and something new to post about.

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