Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out of Town

I'm afraid I've really nothing to share this morning. We were out of town to the Bay Area most of the day for a doctor's appointment. Though we really spent more time at the mall there and even more time than that in the car of course. I was going to take some tatting with me, but at the last minute, when I couldn't find the piece I needed to remake, I changed my mind.

When we got back I did have a few quiet hours to get in some tatting, but since I needed to work on a few orders, it's nothing really worth sharing. I did remake this necklace and I haven't posted it since I made it the first time around, so I thought a picture might liven up the post.

I still have a mask I need to make, so that's the task for today. The jellyfish are on standby until I receive a supply in the mail tomorrow. Then I'll need to try out said supply and whether it works or not hopefully Friday will see them enter my etsy shop. I still have a few idea for future jellyfish pieces as well, so when the shop inevitably goes quiet again, I'll get back to work on those.

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