Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Read While Tatting

It was a nice, fairly productive day despite the overcast day with oppressive heat. I had pieces that needed making and I tried to focus on making them. The only problem is that the kids have gotten a little Nintendo happy which means I've lost my background television. Sure I can watch them play video games, but it's just not the same. So for background entertainment I read while tatting.

I know that seems a bit odd and it would have been quite difficult with a physical book, but I was reading on my phone and that only needs me to free a pinkie when I need to turn a page. I managed to not only tat all but one piece that needed remaking, but I also finished the book. I went with a classic this time, The Picture of Dorian Gray. I knew the story of course, but I had never actually read the novel. It took me much of the day, but I finished it and I felt much better throughout the day. I really do just need to pack my day with tasks if I'm hiding inside or I just feel like I've wasted my day.

This morning I just need to do the finishing work on the order I got the other night, then it's in the post. We're heading over to the coast tomorrow for our annual family anniversary trip. I should be quite glad of the dramatic temperature change and scenery change. That means fish picture for you when I return.

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