Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Necklace

I had a surprisingly productive day given that for the first half of it I was babysitting two of my nieces. It's not that they're bad, but when my kids are added to any number of cousins the volume and chaos seem to multiply by a power of at least 10. I worked on laundry and cleaning early and then had the time to get those earrings listed. After that I went back to the larger motif and the necklace that was trying to become real.

It took me quite some time to settle on a way to finish the sides. Honestly I'm not even sure how I landed on split rings. They are not my favorite technique, but it somehow looked right for the piece. Once I had that worked out I stalled for a bit and wasted some time on Code Academy. I've been using the site for a few weeks now I guess, to learn coding for no real reason other than it's there, it's free and it's been pretty easy to use. It is now my go-to stalling activity. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get competent at it eventually.

When I had stalled long enough, it was back to the necklace. It was suggested that it needed something hanging from the center and I thought I'd try it out, so I dug through my supplies and came up with this. The majority of people who saw it seem to like it, but it was suggested that a drop shape would be better suited. While that might be true, here's the problem, I don't have any suitable drops on hand and my sales have been so slow that I cannot buy new supplies at all. I am basically at the point where I can only use what I already have. It's frustrating, but them's the breaks.

I'm not sure if I'm going to list the necklace today or wait for more opinions on it. Of course at this point it's either with or without the crystal, so I might just go ahead as is and hope someone loves it enough to buy it. The next piece on my list is the slave bracelet idea. I'm having some issues working out the best way to close it. The most obvious method fits me perfectly, but I have tiny wrists, so I might have to make some adjustments so it can have a more average fit. Of course I could just get frustrated and go with it being only available in a small size. Only time will tell.At least I have a project for the day.

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sylvie sainsardos said...

Hi Pam! Well, you seem to be in need of comments on that necklace so here is mine - I definitely like it best with the "something-hanging", but given the shape of the necklace I wouldn't use a drop bead. This would lead to a very low neckline, which not everyone wears. Well, of course that's just my opinion. Anyway, drop or round, the result would be beautiful of course.