Monday, July 28, 2014

More Jellyfish

My, was I busy over the weekend. I was very determined to create some more tatted jellyfish. I managed, by working all day Friday and some of Thursday come to think of it, to finish the one in camel, spice cake and vintage ecru. There always a bit of a challenge using different brands of thread, but I think it added something to the piece.

I asked about pricing on my Facebook page and boy did I get a lot of opinions. Most of them were was higher than I assumed people would suggest. I guess I thought at least a few people would low ball the price because they wanted to own one, but I'm guessing they just kept silent instead. I'm still not set on a price yet and there is one more addition to the piece I'll be trying out later this week. I'm hopeful that I'll get these in the shop by the end of the week though.

Yes, I did say these. I spent the rest of the weekend work on a blue version as well. Of course the colors aren't particularly accurate in this photo because I took it with my phone and my phone hates teal and turquoise. The top of this is dark ocean teal and the other two are hand dyed, the lower bell is turquoise and the center is a light greenish turquoise. I mean, the picture is close, but not quite there and I added a filter to it to get it a bit closer to correct.

I'm off most of today, out of town with the family, so I likely won't get anything of interest done. I was also quite fortunate to get a couple of orders over the weekend, so any time I do get belongs to getting those taken care of. I guess that means a couple of days of boring blog posts, but at least I got to start the week with two pieces to share.

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Jane McLellan said...

I saw a picture of jelly fish on TV a couple of days ago and thought of your tatted version. I hope you sell them!