Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Slave Bracelet Becomes

I was fairly determined to do a few things yesterday. I wanted to make sure we got back into a nice routine that included yoga in the morning. I wanted to avoid the blistering heat that is upon us here by staying inside all day and I wanted to finally figure out the slave bracelet pattern. I know my bar is set pretty low, but I managed all three and I have to say, that feels pretty good.

I found a small adjustment to the pattern that allows for greater customization in sizing and got one slave bracelet made up in my standard black. Usually I'm not completely enamored with my own work, but I really loved the way this turned out. It has sort of a mitt appearance and from a distance it looks a bit like Venice lace. While I'm not overly found of machine made lace, personal bias I suppose, I do like the look of some of it. Anyway, I immediately thought it would be nice in a pair as bridal jewelry.

I buckled down and worked non-stop the rest of the afternoon. In a shocking display of productivity I got a pair done in time to share it, but not get any of these things listed in the shop. I also did not get the new necklace listed either though further feedback from several sources confirmed that the crystal is staying.

Right before bed I received an order with several small pieces in custom colors that will need to be made, so the day was a high note all the way through. Today I'll try to get all these new pieces listed, as well as get that order made up. I do so adore starting the day with projects and purpose. Here's to another productive one ahead.

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Unknown said...

They're beautiful. They would look lovely as sort of a lace sandal also!