Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank You!

Wow, I shared the Sea Nettle Jellyfish around in the morning and it kept on getting love all day long. It received dozens of comments on facebook and it broke 150 likes. In fact it even got reblogged on Tumblr several times and I never get more than one or two there, so I'm really quite pleased with the reaction. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the nice things everyone has said, wherever you said it!

I didn't sit on my laurels, even though I was babysitting two of my nieces all day. I went straight to work on one that might be sell-able. With all the design work done I was able to work fairly quickly, but that hyperbolic tatting will not be rushed. Not to mention that the bell section needs to be stiffened before I add the tentacles and hyperbolic oral arms and that means it need to sit overnight. So I guess even rushed the jellyfish needs at least 2 days to complete.

This is the bell of the one I'm working on. I decided to try and more closely match the colors of some real Sea Nettles. The top is a camel and the bottom is Lizbeth Spiced Cake. The tentacles will be done with the variegated thread as well and the oral arms on the real animal are lighter so I'm using the same vintage ecru I used on the last one for them.

I should get this one finished today and then the plan is to try and come up with a reasonable price for it, any opinions would be helpful for that as it's my first piece of hanging art, then I'm going to go back and make another in all ecru also for the shop. Obviously it's going to take a few days before I get another done, but I hope after all the attention the ecru one got that someone does actually want to own one. I did think about sharing a tutorial for this and I still might sometime in the future, but for know, it has so many fiddly techniques that I imagine are harder to explain than I am up for right now. If I figure out how to explain in an understandable way, I'll revisit the idea. For now, it's back to work.

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Kendell Hall said...

OMG! You have NO idea how much I would LOVE a pattern for this! My grandmother saw it a few days ago when I was browsing through your blog and she totally freaked out. She wouldn't stop talking about it! I would LOVE it if I could make it for her! Much love and good luck to you with your first venture into hanging art!