Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Almost There

I made very good progress with my project yesterday, but after an unfortunate minor slip up, it is clear that this one will live on as a prototype as well. I will finish it all the way though and once I do, I can show you what it is I've been trying to make, if you haven't already figured it out. I'm still not positive that it will turn out as I planned, but it's looking like it will at least be close.

I made quite a few small stitch count changes in an attempt to get it to the right shape. The only problem in the last version was an irregular size change from one row to the next. Of course once I changed something at the base I had to change something in each subsequent row as well.  I still wouldn't call it the perfect shape, but it certainly works.

I am stiffening this section of the piece, though it does hold it's shape quite nicely as is. I have several other bits to work on to complete it, but I think I should get it done today, or at least close to it. If turns out at least a little like I want it to, then you'll get to see it, otherwise I might pretend I never tried it in the first place.

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