Friday, July 18, 2014


I spent the day almost solely working on my last order, a pair of barefoot sandals. There are so many little bits in them that are made separate and then tatted together in the last round that they are usually an all day, if not two day, project.

I was determined to try out at least one idea for the hyperbolic experiment, so I made time in the late afternoon for that. It's the length problem I most wanted to solve. First I thought a base row of split rings would work. They would work of course, but split rings with the needle are quite annoying and I was trying to avoid annoying. Instead I opted for a crochet chain as a base. I wasn't certain I'd get the right spiral with it, but in the first experiment it is long and it curled perfectly even on the first row.

I didn't get past the second row because the concept was proved and there was no need to continue. The next bit to tackle is the pattern itself. So far the best, or most reliable look comes from this simple lock chain technique, but I want something with a bit more intricacy so today I'm going to play with patterns on the crochet base. I think just short pieces though so I can really try a few things out without going mad. This one here seems like it took forever.

Once I get these bits sussed I'll be off working on the next design challenge for my idea. Don't worry it's not some huge groundbreaking thing, it's just something to try and since I have time, I'm trying. Here's hoping I continue to be distracted by many sales and custom tatting.

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