Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Rut

Man, was it hot yesterday. Of course I only left the house a few times, but it was enough to categorize the day as unbearable. I spent the rest of my time inside tatting. I let the kids have the downstairs television for their video games and spent most of my time upstairs with DVR shows and thread. In fact I managed to finish all the pieces I needed to for the orders in queue and I should get them both out in the post early today. That does still leave me a couple of pieces I can remake for the shop, but after that I really am going to have to engage my creative muscles.

I've been feeling a bit like I've already created so very many pieces and I'm not certain I have any good ideas left. I know that it's just a rut and something is bound to snap me out of it eventually, but that doesn't fix it right now. Right now, I feel like I've run out of juice. I mean the last thing I created was that silly man looking motif and I'm not exactly proud of that. I've been, maybe not so patiently, waiting for a muse to strike and so far, nothing. This also have the side effect of making for really boring blog posts, so sorry about that.

So here's to a slightly cooler day, a muse on the way and whatever else would make for a good, creative, successful day.

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