Monday, July 7, 2014

Wasting Time

I'm afraid I don't have much for you this morning. This past weekend was a particularly lazy one. Sure there was the customary lighting of things on fire Friday night, but after that there was a whole lot of sitting lazily about, avoiding the heat and not spending money. That's one of our newest pastimes, not spending money. We're not as good at it as we need to be, but we're trying it out.

In fact on Saturday not only did we catch up on dvr recorded shows, but I also read a novel. A whole novel. That was even between the TV watching and some video game playing. Sunday we managed a little errand running, a walk,  and then we gave the day to a game of Monopoly with the kids. We didn't even play the game all the way to the end, just to when the husband was bankrupted and it still sucked much of the day away.

So what about this week? Well, I did sell two very small pieces yesterday, so I'll remake those this morning. Then the house could really use a cleaning. The heat has definitely made me even more listless than usual so I've been avoiding it. I'm still crossing my fingers for some sort of project, inspiration or good news to head my way. Until then it seems it's video games, reading, cleaning, and wasting time.

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