Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year all! We've mostly survived another trip around the sun and since we don't stop moving, here's to surviving the next one. No, I didn't do anything last night. I don't even bother staying up anymore. The new year was still here when I woke up and I get to start it well rested. started out terribly. Right after I wrote in the morning, I tried to pay bills, but I couldn't because the bank site was down. Then when I got out of the shower, I was greeted in my closet by a fierce invasion of ants that needed destroying. Apparently, I really was going to end the year on a down note.

 I didn't let it stay down too long though. I schooled the kids for a while and then I did remake one piece for the shop. Of course it was one that I didn't have a pattern written down for and I really should have made it while I still had the piece on hand because working from pictures can be difficult business. Once I finished this pendant I was so done with tatting for the day.

I spent much of the remainder of the day running a small giveaway on Facebook, because nice comments make me feel better, and crocheting while watching the Doctor Who marathon on television. I really want to finish this crochet project so I have a feeling today will be similar, except the marathon is The Twilight Zone and the husband is home as well.

I haven't really thought on any big plans for the year ahead, though I am contemplating a 365 project of some sort. I really haven't a clue what and I only have today to come up with an idea or it's moot. Other than that I guess the year is up for grabs. Hopefully the muses are kind to me along with the retail gods, because I definitely need a better year. Here's to you all getting what you need in this new year as well!


tatterjil said...

That tatted pendant is a gorgeous piece!

sylvie sainsardos said...

What a nice pendant! Thanks for all your beautiful pieces. Unfortunately I can't buy them all but they do fill my dreams.
I wish you and your family and all the readers of this blog a very happy new year!