Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Man, did I make yesterday as official a Monday as I could. The kids are still just doing a reduced school schedule, but the oldest had to write an essay so it still took forever. I worked on the most recent commissioned crochet hat while she wrote. It took long enough that I was nearly finished. When she was done, there was laundry and dishes and completing the hat.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/175636488/tatted-lace-choker-necklace-woven-and?The second all that was finished I pulled out the newest necklace piece, got the hardware on it and took some photographs. I've gotten pretty lazy with them as of late, but at least I got them. The necklace got listed finally and I took a few minutes to post it about. I also started thinking about making a matching bracelet in the same pattern, but I still had other tasks in queue for the day, so maybe I'll get round to that today.

After that task was wrapped, I took a few minutes to do the day 3 TIAS that I missed on Sunday. I've no idea what it is, but I never do and I hate guessing. It's just not my strong suite. It does feel good to be caught up though. This tatting was followed by more commissioned tatting. I still had two more Valentine snowflakes that needed making and that was pretty much the rest of my day.

Today I still need to do the finishing work on those snowflakes, but once that's done, I can think on making that matching bracelet. The design really is a pain in the neck with both the slow going lock chains and the weaving ones that need to be worked with cut thread. I do, however, really like the whole look and texture of the piece. It has a weight to it that I just love for some crazy reason. So that's it I think. The cold it still hanging on a bit, but it can't stay too much longer, so I'm also hoping for more outbursts of creativity soon. Here's hoping.

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The black is always a classy look and use are great at it.