Friday, January 17, 2014

Hearts and Clovers

Man, I am tired this morning and there really is no good reason for it. I think I slept well last night. Oh, well, there's nothing for it now. I'm up and the day must begin. So let's see, yesterday...well schooling started back, but the youngest child didn't have her new classes up in the computer yet, so she got a simplistic schooling while her sister got the whole curriculum rained down on her. I was immensely glad that we had not taken a 'real' vacation though. Things flowed so much smoother than they have in the past we we did stop schooling entirely for more than a day. wasn't too aggressive in the rest of my day though. I spent most of the morning tatting up a second, longer green bracelet so that I could get it listed. It's up in the shop now available in two lengths. Luckily the motif that makes it is almost exactly one inch, so at least two sizes make sense.

After that was up in the shop I was feeling far too lazy to get up again and get pictures of single motifs as pendants. Hand modeling takes no effort, but necklaces require more prep work. So instead of doing that, I went to work on a second Hearts and Clovers bracelet, this time in red. I asked whether folks wanted pink or red and thankfully red won. I am not really a pink person. I don't have the hardware on this one yet and I'll probably take some time to get a second, longer one made before I list this today too. Then since I'll have to pull out the jewelry tools to do that, I might get the black one listed as well as the pendants I flaked on yesterday.

Of course all those big plans hinge on whether or not I can make it through schooling the kids unscathed today. I just checked and the youngest child's classes are now in the system, so she'll have a full schedule today as well, except since we don't have her new books yet, I'll have to print out pages. I fear it is going to be a long day. Hopefully by Monday I will have accomplished all those things in the last paragraph though. Yeah, that would be good enough.


StringyDogs said...

Love the bracelet. It is a good example of a time when needle tatting works better on a pattern than shuttle. The thicker tatting makes it look really luscious.

God's Kid said...

Awesome bracelets!!! :)