Thursday, January 9, 2014


I don't think I got a single continuous hour of sleep last night, coughing and whatnot. If you saw that last sentence before spell check fixed it, you'd have guessed that. I'm typing like a gorilla on an iPhone. Yesterday, however, was just fine. After schooling and cold medicines I immediately got an idea for something new. Nothing too fancy mind you, but I kept seeing this necklace in a commercial and I wanted to make something that felt the same. The start was this little fragment and I think most people thought it was "different", but it wasn't quite there yet.

First thing I decided to change was the split ring base. They can just be so unwieldy as they get longer, so instead I used a lock chain to get to the next ring without adding too much extra bulk. It wasn't as difficult to work with, but it did take much longer than a regular chain would have. I think this is another technique that is far faster with the shuttle, but it looked the way I wanted it to, so that's all that matters.

The next change was to replace the bottom ring on the weaving chain with beads. You know I rarely reach for the beads when working, but it seemed like the right move to give the piece a little, I don't know, sparkle, accent, whatever. It just felt like the right think to add.

Mind you, weaving that bottom chain was much more unwieldy than split rings. I worked with a long cut thread and it tangled half the time while being pulled through to the other side. In fact I ended the piece with literally 2 inches of thread left. I know that pictures aren't great, but I liked the way it turned out and it's something new. Hopefully I'll pull myself together enough today to get proper photographs and list it in the shop. Here's hoping this cold is a short one.

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Madtatter80 said...

Yea hubby sick too pattern looks good!