Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well, That's It

I thought I might accomplish some things yesterday, but I did not anticipate my sheer lack of motivation. I mean, sure I managed to school the children for a spell and get day 1 of the TIAS made as well as finish the last crochet hat, but it was all a long slog. I'm also a little afraid that I may have acquired the cold the husband stayed home with yesterday. I'll let you know tomorrow I'm sure.

So here's my day 1 of the Tat It And See. Yes, I am aware that it's odd I chose to make it in white. You see size 20 thread was recommended and this one was on top of the pile in the living room. If I had wanted a different color, I would have had to gotten up and went into another room to dig through the other box of thread. See...lazy. There's every chance that I'll just start over with different thread for the next section because I also think I made have tatted too tightly, but this is it for now.

After that was done I spent far too long finishing the last hat. I thought I'd get creative and try that matching tatted hat idea and then stopped almost immediately. I've tatted hats before both in thread and yarn and what I realized and I started to do it again was that I didn't actually like doing it, particularly with yarn. The tail has to be too long and the lace seriously loses it's grace and delicateness when it's all fat and puffy like that. So yeah, that idea has gone on the junk pile. 

I've got no random craft projects left in queue, so I suppose today I ought to get back to tatting things for the shop. Unfortunately that list isn't really that long either, so what I really need is a visit from muses. I figure if I write that enough times, it'll eventually work and I can get back to inspired, feverish creation. Here's hoping.

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