Friday, January 10, 2014


Soon after writing yesterday I decided that the day was going to be a wash. I just had no energy from the lack of sleep and the constant dry cough was putting me in a bad mood as well. I schooled the children and did the day's TIAS piece, but only because I felt like I had to do those things, and laundry. I also did laundry.

Then I thought a bit about getting the new necklace ready to list, but I did not feel like it at all. I did take this picture of me wearing it without any hardware. With a few filters, it's a pretty good picture, but there as no way I was up for any 'real' modeling for the day. There is an ever so slight chance that I'll do it today, but while I got more sleep last night, I still feel like...well, I cant think of a clever simile right now, but I'm sure you understand.

Even when I don't feel well, I still have to busy my hands though. I needed something completely repetitive and mindless, so tatting was right out. So instead I gathered all the leftover yarn from the recent hat making binge and started crocheting motifs. I figured I'd just join them together with any other scraps I could find into a scrap blanket. It kept my hands busy and let my mind stay pretty blank which was perfect. I fear today will meet a similar fate, but maybe over the weekend I'll get he necklace listed, or make something new worth note. It really is just too soon to tell.

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