Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We didn't get the youngest child's new school books until early evening, but it was still a pretty normal school day and that means it was long. We are attempting to get though an entire year worth of curriculum in one semester. It's not going to be all that hard, just a little more time consuming. Also with the warmer than usual weather the kids wanted to go out on a walk in the afternoon. Normally I might protest. given that I have things to do for the shop, but it still hasn't recovered from the holidays yet, I was up for a little exercise. Sales are few and far between and so are my ideas, so perhaps ignoring it a little won't hurt.

I did get some tatting in though. I managed to get day 6 of the TIAS done, though I almost forgot again. Boy, she sure does love the split rings in this design. It's a good thing I guessed that for this second section and started with a ridiculously long tail, just in case. also managed to finally get the hearts and clover motif listed as a pendant. I went back and forth about listing the colors separately, but then I opted for a 'choose your color' listing. I figure that way at least I save the 20¢ for listing the other colors. That may not help much, but thinking more frugally is becoming more necessary by the week.

Aside from schooling with actual books today, I don't have any real tasks in queue. There are always a few more pieces I could remake for the shop. I mean, there are still things left unmade from November, but nothing that I really feel 'needs' to be made. I should start letting some creative thoughts flow again, but that's not exactly something that can be controlled. So I guess, I have no idea what I will get up to today, but here's hoping something good and interesting happens.

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