Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clover Bracelets

I got a little determined yesterday to stay on task and get things done. After our last day of reduced schooling, I got the new woven and beaded bracelet listed. Then I started to contemplate how I was going to turn that little clover into a bracelet. It seemed easy enough, but it took more prototypes than I'm willing to admit to get all the joins just right. The other thing about this sort of design that uses motifs to create, is that it can only work up to certain sizes with very little wiggle room. I have to at least make the first one to fit me as I'm my own model, but I might make one another motif longer before I list it, so there's an option. I made it green after all the St. Patrick's Day talk, but I might do a pink one as well with Valentine's Day in mind.

I didn't stop there though. I thought maybe I could join them in alternating positions for a completely different look. This one I did in black to see if both the color and the position would diminish the holiday clover feel.  This one doesn't have it's hardware yet and I added rings at the ends so I could keep it with an odd number of motifs for the pattern. I think it worked the way I wanted it to, but you tell me. Does it still look tied to a holiday?

All this mucking about with clovers took up much of the day that I didn't give over to much needed house cleaning. With 6 cats the dust bunnies appears quickly and gain weight immediately. This of course conflicts with my desire to not to clean unless company is coming over because I also do not was not live in all that ick. I did get the day 4 TIAS made up though. Still not a clue as to what I just made, but I made it and I will see it through to the end.

We're back to real school today and I'm sure I'll use the rest of my time to play with clovers. I'm hoping to at least get the green bracelet and maybe a pendant or two listed. I am toying with the idea of sharing the pattern, but I use such hard to describe techniques, particularly the twisted picot, that I'm not sure how to express it clearly enough. It's not difficult to do of course, I'm just not sure I could properly explain it without video and I do not want to do that. I guess it probably won't be available anytime soon at least. Well, I guess that's it then, back to a nice normal routine.


Madtatter80 said...

oh nice weaving and green love the shade!

Sharlyn said...

Love it! green is mynfavoritencolor. The black one does look different to me, if I didn't know they were clovers, I think it would be harder to pick them out.