Friday, January 31, 2014

New and Lost

Well I worked on it all morning and I won't go into how many different iterations of chain and bead combos I played with, but I finished the new choker. If it wasn't for this old mannequin that my brother "loaned" me years ago, making the chains on theses sort of piece would be nearly impossible. The problem is always making them lay well on a person, so if I make the chains flat on the table, they always fail at draping, at least on the first try. Of course you probably don't care one bit about all that nonsense. The point is, the necklace is done and hopefully I'll manage to get it listed some time today. I can already tell I'm going to have pricing issues though. This one was a whole lot of work to make.

Unfortunately I just got a message this morning that a package I sent to the Ukraine at the beginning of the month has yet to arrive. It is the first I've sent to that exact country so I have no precedent for how long it should take. The fear is that it is missing, though since there is no tracking to that country I can't be sure of that either. So the plan will be to wait the full 45 days before I can file an insurance claim and send another if it still hasn't arrived. This means I have to make up some barefoot sandals to have ready just in case. I hate lost packages, but it is the price of relying on other services to do business.

I also got an order last night for a custom pair of ankle corsets, so it looks like I'll be making one, then the other. That should make for a busy couple of days at least. I'm going to go ahead and cross my fingers that the 'lost' package arrives though, because that would just be better for everyone.


Ann Martin said...

It's a beautiful art piece - charge a lot! Here's hoping the lost package will surface.

Beelizabeth said...

The difficulty of making the chains drape properly when working on a flat surface may seem like nonsence to you but just your reference to it makes it something I will keep in mind if I decide to add chains to pieces I make for my DILs. I would absolutely not have thought of it otherwise. It's amazing what can be learnedly from little things read on blots. Also, I really like the motif you're using on this new choker. If I was doing better money wise, I'd have you make me a single motif and put it on a ribbon.