Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Tuesday was not as event filled as Monday, but I still managed to do get a few things done. Right after schooling I puttered around for a while and finished up the snowflakes I was working on, then eventually settled in to make the matching bracelet to the woven and beaded necklace. I did not, however, get the hardware on and list it. Sometimes I just save those things for the next day just so that I know I will have something that needs doing.

While I really wasn't feeling particularly inspired, nor motivated, I still couldn't just sit around. I decided to do a little free tatting and see what emerged. After a few failed bits of nonsense, I wound up with this little clover looking bit. It's in pink only because I still had that thread out after the Valentine snowflake project. I mucked about more with it after this trying to see if i could add a proper hanging point, but I hated all the results and opted to leave it as it. I figure a jump ring just goes in one of the existing spaces and and it hangs a little cockeyed.

The obvious response to the piece was St. Patrick's Day clover, but it also has a bit of the heart thing going on as well. In a more neutral color, it just an an interesting shape. I'm thinking I might try to join a few together into a bracelet as well. I figure this is what I'll play with today, my last day of vacation from 'real' schooling. Tomorrow the full school schedule resumes and I probably won't be nearly as bored nor desperate for activities. Which means I will probably start having grand ideas again. I think maybe too much free time is a bad thing for creativity. I've wasted so much time on nonsense this winter. I suppose I needed a bit of a break. I can't be 'on' all the time, but I'll be glad to be back 'on' soon.

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Madtatter80 said...

I love those little hearts really cute!