Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Recap morning I got very aggressive after schooling, getting all those things done that I had planned on. I got all the new bracelets pressed and finished, ready for photographing when I was called to run an errand for my Mother. Unable to come up with any legitimate excuse to not run to the pharmacy, I was off. leaving all my progress behind. It took a few more hours once I was back, but I did manage to list the red and black bracelets.

It was a good thing that I got them done when I did because it was about then that I got a custom order pair of barefoot sandals. Of course with today being a holiday I had an extra day to make them anyway, but you know I don't like to wait. Of course in this case that proved to be a bit of a mistake. You see I only looked at the order on my phone and didn't look closely enough. I assumed they were to be made in white and about three fourths of the way through the second one, I looked and saw they were to be made in Ivory. I sure am glad I had an extra day now. 

The family did a lot of adventuring over the weekend. It may be the middle of January, but it's warm outside and we went on several walks and ran errands. Yesterday morning I was commissioned by my mother-in-law to make a couple more crochet hats as well, so that's what I worked on yesterday evening when all the adventuring was done. Well that and I did manage to remember to do day 5 of the TIAS.

As I mentioned, today is a holiday, so there's no schooling and the husband is home for the day. I do have a couple of pieces I should get remade for the shop and I have one more hat to crochet. Whenever I'm allowed to sit, I'll work on all that. I know I still need to list the single clover motifs as pendants, but I kind of doubt that will come about today. Sometime this week though, I hope. I still haven't completely shaken off that vacation feeling and today is not likely to help at all. Oh well, nothing for it. Off to start the day.

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God's Kid said...

Really like that bracelet in black too!! :)