Thursday, January 23, 2014


I wish I could tell you that all my pieces sprung from my head fully formed like Athena from Zeus, but the truth is far more mundane. Most of the time they start without any real idea of what I'm doing, nor any end game. Yes, of course sometimes I know I want to make a mask or a bracelet or a pair of barefoot sandals, but most of the time it's just doodling with thread.

Yesterday after schooling that's just what I did, I doodled with thread and this was the first thing off the needle. I wasn't trying to make anything in particular. I just started with a clover and made it up from there. After I shared this one online, there were lots of comments about how it looked upside down. Since I didn't know yet what I was making, I wasn't sure either, so I mucked about with it some more. There were a few more prototypes and several other additional bits that I tried to make match up with the design, but nothing was quite right.

Finally after some more stitch changes I came up with a new and improved version and married it to another one, then another and it is clearly becoming a choker necklace. The only reason it is green is it is the prototype and I'm trying to be more frugal and I have large balls of some threads I rarely use anymore. That way I don't waste my good black thread on mistakes.

I'll try to get the whole prototype made up today to make sure the sizing works and all that. Then if it plays well, it'll be onto the final necklace most likely, in black. I know it's not an amazing breakthrough type of design, but it's something new and at least a little interesting, so I'm pleased and I have something new to do today as well.

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Madtatter80 said...

I think that how all great works are done most of the time you are trying to do something else!