Monday, January 6, 2014

So Many Hats

The first Monday of the year...somehow not inspired. I'm really hoping that it proves me wrong. I just saw the link for day one of the TIAS, so at least I know I'll get that tatted up after the morning routine.

The weekend was all about hats, well mostly anyway. After I wrote that I was in search of a hat pattern, the lovely Fox commented with a pattern link. It was perfect, the right shape and worked up the way I prefer, from the crown down all in a round with no seaming. After schooling was wrapped I went to work and had one done by lunch time. The oldest child made her desire for one known immediately and I started to work on hers with the rest of the yarn in the skein.

This was followed by my Mother-in-law, who was taking the kids out with their cousins, to request one as well as one of the nieces. When they returned back from their adventuring I was done with the second hat and was handed red and turquoise yarn for two more. We had a lovely birthday dinner to attend that evening and some adventuring on Saturday, also with some wonderful folks, but most of Saturday's sitting time was making up those two other hats. I handed them off Sunday morning at the in-laws house and was asked to make two more using up the rest of the yarn for a friend of hers that had cancer.

So as you might have guessed I crocheted another on Sunday, in between playing with the new Nintendo 3DS that the family got me, Apparently I wasn't allowed to be the only one in the family without one. I suppose I would have gotten two done without the gaming, but that's left for today. The shop is quiet, as expected, so anything that keeps me busy and creative is fine with me. So today will have at least a tiny bit of schooling, tatting, crochet and Nintendo. Once the hats are all done, I've also been toying with the idea of a hybrid tatting and crochet hat, not cro-tat, but one then the other. Not sure I'll get around to it quite yet, but it could happen and there are certainly worst ways to spend a Monday.


Fox said...

Fabulous hat! I might have to go out and get some yarn!!!
Fox. : ))

Vicky said...

Oooh, I'd love to see a crochet/tatted combo project! Lovely hat, too!