Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day Off

Yet another morning where I have awakened to find myself tired for no good reason. Sure, yesterday was a long day, but this is silly. I'm fairly certain I slept okay, yet here I am still yawning and rocking the extreme typos as I write. It's like a red, underlined mess over here. Thankfully you'll never see all that and you can just assume that I'm an excellent typist that doesn't rely on spell check at all.

So, anyway, I did finish up tatting custom orders yesterday and remaking one sold piece over the course of the day and in the evening I finished up a second crochet hat. I did not, however, get pictures of anything to share.

The rest of the day was walks with the family, out to lunch, a bad movie with the husband when the children went out with their grandparents followed by take out for dinner with said grandparents and the nieces. Most of that was a fairly last minute adventure  and now that i write it all out, I'm kind of surprised that I managed any time for tatting at all. Maybe I should be tired this morning.

Schooling is back today and I should get the youngest child's books and materials in later this afternoon. When they do arrive, that will be a new task all in itself, getting them put away and boxing up the old ones. Hopefully in between, I'll get focused enough to list those darn motifs because aside from a few more pieces to remake, that's all I really ought to get done. That is, until inspiration strikes again.

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