Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Lazy was super lazy yesterday. Sure I got schooling done and I listed the black necklace fairly quickly after, but then I just stopped doing much of anything. The black one is still in the shop by the way. In fact it made so little impact as far as feedback or views that I think that spiraled me into a state of laziness that was hard to pull out of.

After doing nothing for quite some time I finally pulled myself together and again asked for color suggestions. This led to me making a pendant with a gold filigree and teal thread. Of course you can't really tell the thread is teal because no matter how hard I tried, every camera changed the color of the thread to better match the turquoise stone. It was very frustrating. Luckily, this one did sell so I don't have to keep explaining that the color in the photo is definitely not the exact color of the piece. There was also no chain for this one as I don't keep any chain in gold on hand. Personally I don't much care for the color of gold and it's just too expensive to take a risk on anyway. Any gold toned bits I have on hand were from the grab bags I buy.

Oh, I almost forgot the other reason I was so lazy yesterday, the pile of cats. In case you can't tell, that's three cats on the right and one on the left. Every time I sat down, two or more would immediately take a place on around me. Sure, it was warm and cozy, buy I couldn't reach anything from this position.

I've got errands to run today along with schooling, so I'm not certain I will get round to any tatting at all. I'm having issues deciding on what piece of jewelry to make a few people for Christmas. I'm always afraid of disappointing folks with things they would never wear, but simply asking them to pick from the shop seems, I don't know, wrong somehow. I am running out of time though, so I might just have to bite the bullet, make a decision, and just live with that not happy looking thanks you get when you choose poorly.

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Madtatter80 said...

I really like the turquoise one and know what you mean about gold, I have a dog that gives off sleep endorphins
and looks like you could use my cat pattern:) go to my blog it's a couple days back and you are so smart you can do that with the needle tatting I'm sure! Merry Christmas!