Monday, December 9, 2013


While I had a fine family weekend with the usual errands and visiting, I also had to accept the harsh truth that as far as business goes, this year is the worst ever. No, now I'm not being dramatic, I made the mistake of checking the stats against the last few years and this December has already done only a quarter of the sales I did in the same time last year and down even further from the year before. I suppose I could jump on the bandwagon and just blame changes at Etsy for the downturn, but I know it's always much more complex than that. So I apologize in advance as I'm likely to use this sounding board to evaluate what to do about all this.

I know you'd much rather come here to see what I'm tatting and not hear me complain about selling it, but the two are inextricably connected. I can't make new pieces if I haven't sold older ones and made money enough to justify spending more on thread and other supplies. I'm currently making more snowflakes as gifts to round out the paltry ones we've been able to buy, but after that I'm relying on the shop to give me projects to do. I can't say I've seriously contemplated shutting down, but I have wondered how much worse it will have to get before I do have those thoughts. So, again my apologies for my 'woe is me' attitude that may continue for a while.

I will try to keep busy and make things as I can't really live with idle hands anyway. I have plenty of other tasks with the children and schooling at least for the next two weeks. I am of course hoping that I am being premature and everything will pick right up, but after a weekend with no sales in December it doesn't seem very likely. So let me leave you with cats attempting to either eat one another's heads or clean each other, I can never tell which, and hope for the best. Oh, and if you want to shop to help or share with friends who do, you can sill use the code, 'FBFreeship' at checkout for free shipping.


Madtatter80 said...

After listening to the low sales situation I feel the economy is not doing well as they may say. my street is usually jam packed with cars right after Thanksgiving every year and it's just not this year. People are being careful and Art work is where people save money and do with out! Sorry it's not going well, you are talented and that's where they get the saying "Starving Artist" :(

Meg said...

Actually if you want to complain that's fine with me. I like reading about your work and especially how you integrate it with what seems like a very busy "non-work" life (homeschooling, family activities, etc.). If things aren't going as well as they should that's part of the whole package so feel free to share it.

I do some online writing and am reading similar stories on those forums as people review this year. The general agreement is that it was a "challenge" - to put it mildly (and as positively as possible). They've been doing their best to diversify - write for several sites and on different topics - just to keep their income even close to what it used to be. So it seems you are not alone - although I'm not sure how much comfort that is. :(

Whatever you decide to do, I'll keep following your blog - and admiring your work (all aspects of it).