Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Holiday

So the rest of the was long and occasionally lazy and honestly I'm glad to be back to a nice set schedule today. The sale in the shop did okay, though it couldn't pull me out of this year's rut. I got one last sale last night with some custom pieces in it, so at least I have plenty to do today.

On Friday, we did very little throughout most of the day. After working in retail for years, I avoid all shopping on Black Friday like the plague. That evening we did have a fun Thanksgiving 2.0 at our friend's home. Even the children had a fine time and didn't mind that we stayed out far later than they are used to.

We were mostly hermits on Saturday, only venturing out to the comic book store. We did pull out and assemble the tree, but it didn't get decorated until Sunday evening. Sunday, now that was a long one. We were at the in-law's, my sister's house and then my mother's house. I think that's enough family for a couple of weeks.

As you probably guessed, I didn't get too much tatting done, save for a special ordered white tiara that I should get in the mail today. I'm hoping that my coupon code sale at least jump started the shop into busy mode. It's really not a very long time that people will shop online. They fear things not arriving on time, so they seem to stop earlier than they really need to. Thank you to everyone who did shop over the last week and to everyone planning to do so soon. There is an active code for free shipping that you can use. Input the code FBFreeship for free worldwide shipping in my shop if you do pop by. Alright then, it's off to start the week, here's to a great one.

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