Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Warm Legs

Yesterday almost felt like a real vacation day, almost. We had a couple of errands to run, so we braved the shops. It honestly wasn't that bad out, save for in the parking lots where the worst of humanity is on full display with its lack of patience and epic rudeness. We survived though and came home to go on a walk and knit while the kids played video games. Sure, I had to do the laundry, but I saved all the cleaning for today. Perhaps not my best ides since we also have dental appointments today and there are still a bunch of little things I should get done, but we're here now and we'll make it work.

Speaking of knitting though, I finished the legwarmers that the oldest child wanted. The colors are a little brighter in real life, but they are quite similar to my own with the self striping yarn. She is so pleased with them that she slept in them. I hope I can still make her this happy when she becomes a teenager in a few more years, because with the yarn on sale, these cost all of maybe $4 and a couple of days worth of knitting time.

Oddly enough yesterday saw a few sales in the store. I really can't explain it, but maybe it's just the Universe messing with me. More probably it's folks who were finished shopping for others and decided to get a little something for themselves. Either way, I won't get around to restocking the store with anything that's sold until next week, at the earliest. I did get round to tatting up another snowflake gift though and I ought to do another today somewhere between all the cleaning. Really, today is looking like it's going to be much busier than I want it to. Oh, well, the best way out is always through.

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