Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Green and Pink and Black

Well there was no sales hurricane, but I did sell what I made yesterday and that's nothing to sneeze at. The first one for the day was another in green. When I do a second one off in the same color, I try to make sure that I do so in a completely different way. This one used a center bit I didn't even know I still had some of. I found some largish green glass beads and surprisingly, enough matching bead caps to give it a nice cohesive feel. Of course I cut out the tatting on this one at least three times before I got the design right with no mistakes, but it was worth it. This one sold so fast, it nearly gave me whiplash. I had just finished posting it on Facebook and twitter when I went back into the shop it was gone.

Clearly I couldn't sit on my laurels, so I went to work on one in pink.  I chose pink because someone suggested the color. Definitely not my go-to shade, but the stone I used was one that I had wanted to use for a while. I have no idea what it is, but it's lovely. I found some small pink glass beads to match and again the bead caps were found in matching sets. I don't usually use those from the grab bags, so I have quite a backlog of them. This one sold pretty quickly too and I was pretty burnt out after making them, so I stalled for a while, Tapped Out and Simpsons are my stall of choice lately.

I didn't stall for long though since I'm still pretty desperate for sales. The last one I made up for the day hasn't made it to etsy yet. By the time I finished there was no light anywhere for a decent photo. I did this one in black and it felt nice to be back in my comfort zone for a spell. It's got more glass beads and bead caps and like the green one, it fought me the whole time. I cut it apart three or four times. Sometimes it was because I had chosen the design poorly and sometimes it was because I messed up the round royally. Honestly I'm kinda shocked anything good came out of yesterday's tatting with the number of times I screwed up, but I am a determined little maker.

As per usual, the black one will get listed either this morning before schooling or after if I'm feeling lazy this morning. Then I'll decide whether I want to keep at this or not. I probably will because they're all that's selling as of late. At least they give me plenty of things to show you each day instead of the boring, remaking, posts. Well, here's to another creative day and maybe that hurricane as well.

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Madtatter80 said...

These are lovely, you have great taste!