Friday, December 13, 2013

Burgundy and Purple

Yesterday was almost a repeat of the day before. I had a snowflake to finish in the morning with my coffee and then after schooling I remade my mustache necklace that had sold while I was teaching. Instead of doing the asymmetric piece like I thought I would, I opted to ask for color suggestions and dug through the mess of beads and findings match. It is much easier to match thread to beads, but eventually I found some that worked with the suggested burgundy thread.

This one was a pain in the neck to make though. I had tried a whole different tatted edge to begin with and it wasn't until it was done that I knew for sure that it didn't work. So I cut all the thread off and started again. I also added some larger glass beads the first time around and decided that they didn't work either and fell back on the old standard swarovski rounds. At least they're uniform. I'm starting to get really spoiled making these one of a kind pieces as they keep selling within hours of me listing them. It's kind of wonderful.

It was already getting late when I finally came up with a second one to start. I had the thread and the findings, but I only got this far in the making. I'll have to finish it up and get it listed today. I have a handful of the filigree pieces left that I used for the green piece, along with some other random ones, so I should be able to keep this up for a little while longer at least. Hopefully by the time I run out I will be burnt out from making them and ready to go back to production work and just remake things. For now though I am definitely enjoying the making and the selling. This week started pretty low, but it picked up. Hopefully there is still some momentum left because I can keep shipping for the holiday up until the 20th according to USPS and I don't want it to end yet.


Madtatter80 said...

Oh these came out really nice!

craftie sylvie said...

Very beautiful these one-of-a-kinds! Too bad we don't live in the same time zone : by the time you list them I'm still at work and I can't check your blog. I'm definitely considering quitting.

God's Kid said...

Lots of fabulous pendants this week!! :)