Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Something Anyway

Yet another long day with no sales. I spent the first part of my tatting time on yet another snowflake and even though I still have a few more to make for gifts, I am getting quite sick of the monotony. So rather than dwell on the shop, I had to make something new. Granted it clearly did not distract me enough as it's all I seem to be writing about. I have never, not in all the years I've been selling online, went more than a day without a sale during December. Alright, I'm done, no more whining today...at least not in writing, back to tatting.

I decided to use some of the smaller rings I have on hand and make another one off necklace. I ended up with a couple more rings after this point and it's actually sideways int he picture, but you get the idea. I'll get the chains on it after schooling and get it listed. I doubt it will make much difference in the shop, but it certainly did wonders for my focus. It took just enough creativity to distract me for  small while anyway.

After that I imagine I'll get back to the snowflakes unless I get any other ideas. We've been having some winter ant invasions in the house, so I might have to fight on the front lines for a while. They're in the walls again, so we just never know where they're going to pop out of next. It's like whack-a-mole, except there are thousands of them.

So here's to a nice creative day, free of ants and hopefully full of sales.