Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First thing after schooling wrapped, I got the new asymmetric necklace listed. Once it was up, I just felt like it was time to dig through the grab bag supplies and see if i could come up with anything worth making. Since I had recently bought supplies, probably a mistake, I had a brand new grab bag to search through.

What emerged was a brass filigree piece and a mystery blue stone. I found just the right shade of thread, I think it's an old ball of flora I got for a custom order years ago. Sure there's not a lot of tatting on it, but I thought it looked just right. I listed it right away and it was sold in less than an hour. You can imagine how happy that made me especially given the current state of my shop.

I couldn't let the momentum go to waste so I dug through again for some more inspiring pieces. This time I came out with a diamond shaped filigree that I've used before and another mystery stone. I tried to match some of the colors in the stone with the mocha thread and then added some more chain pieces to give it some more interest.

While I did share this one, it was too late to get good pictures so I will get it listed today after schooling wraps. I was also fortunate to get two more orders before the evening was over, so I also have a couple of pieces that I can remake. I may keep doing more small one of a kind necklaces instead though. They give me something to immediately share online and the feedback makes me feel better about the slow shop. So even if yesterday was a fluke at least I have something positive to focus on. So, thanks to the Universe for the inspiration and sales yesterday,  let's go for a day two.

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Madtatter80 said...

That filigree with tatting is beautiful!