Thursday, December 12, 2013

Browns and Greens day started out pretty quiet. Right after schooling I went ahead and listed the mocha necklace. I was too warm (and lazy) in my layers of shirts to take the photos on myself, so for the first time ever I exploited child labor for modeling purposes. I did have to ensure her that her face was not going online. She is always hiding from being photographed for fear of Internet exposure. I usually have to promise that a picture won't go online to get her to smile. What a strange generation she is growing up in.

Anyway, I waited until after lunch to attempt another one of a kind piece. It takes me forever just to suss out the perfect bits and choose the right color of thread to compliment it. Never mind how many time I cut out a first attempt that wasn't quite right. This time I used evergreen thread with an antiqued silver finding and a green glass bead. There was a hole in the center so I tatted a bit there as well. I've had a few people of facebook ask for patterns for these pieces and well, they don't exist. I just wing it, making the whole piece up as I go and then I proceed to immediately forget exactly what I did. Since I usually only have one, maybe two similar findings, remembering is useless. Even if I have the same filigree, I won't have the same bead. I's better that way, makes the pieces special.

So the green one did sell, yay! The mocha one is still in the shop though. The evening was wrapped up with one other order and it contained the most recent asymmetric necklace I made. So I think today I might make another of those unless I stumble upon some inspiring findings again. I am definitely finding that focusing on making things is a much better way to spend the day when compared with the days of worrying if I'll sell enough. There's little chance of catching up with last year's sales at this point and I think I've accepted that and moved on. That doesn't mean I won't start the day hoping for another good one!


Madtatter80 said...

You do a great job of needle tatting, I tell you that all the time! And I know it sad I about pictures of kids. Have a good day!

Meg said...

Your new "model" is doing just fine. And the fact that she *doesn't* want her face on the internet is surprising - but very refreshing. I credit good parenting. :) (I know it's hard to tell with just text but I'm serious; I really admire what you're doing to have a child that feels that way.)