Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sorry About The Rant

I'm running a bit late this morning because I'm a horrible, selfish person. Okay, perhaps I'm being a bit too hard on myself. I felt the need to send a 'please don't sell things made with my patterns' message again. I hate doing it and so I write, delete, write again, ponder, realize that I need to be firm or I'll regret later as more people assume it must be okay if I let that person do it and then I send it immediately wondering if I really should have and now I'm terrified of the response. Seriously it's such a little thing really and it makes me a wreck.

Aside from my general lack of skill in the matter and the time I just don't have, one of the biggest reasons I can't see myself doing a pattern book anytime soon is not having any real control over who would make and sell the pieces. Sure that might not matter one day when my etsy shop isn't my livelihood, but right now that scares me. I'd go crazy if I tried to police that, so if I ever do a book it would have to be things I was no longer making. I do not want to become the crazy lady that gets overheated when someone just makes and posts a picture of something I designed, but I do need to hold the line I drew in the sand and wrote in the patterns, right? It's not too much to ask is it? Gah, I feel like an awful person.

Moving on then. I spent most of yesterday working on the order I have in queue. I'll still be working on it most of today and if I bite the bullet and start remaking the largest piece I sold, I'll be at it for a few days at least. I'm still saving that one until the end though, it's a complicated one with crystals and embroidery at the end, my demi gloves. I fear I should get around to it late today meaning I'll have my head down and ignore much of the world around me while I work. Luckily I do have a prototype on hand so I have something solid to work from, but it's one of my more complicated builds and it's been two years since I made them. I guess I again have my days work cut out for me...for a while.


Schmath said...

Don't feel bad. Almost every patten I've bought online asks either not to sell what I make from it or to pay a fee first. If people are ignoring that, they need to be called out. If they didn't know about it, they need it pointed out, or they'll keep doing it to you and others.

Rukodělka said...

I agree with you. It is not about being selfish, just about to be onest with ourselves.

Unknown said...

I understand what youre saying, but at the moment you have no legal ground on which you can say to someone not to sell things they made on basis of looking at what you have on etsy. And if you try to hunt them down youll become a bigger wrack only cuz you wont succeed... but!!! :-) one thing i can advise you, sit down, think through, and think of a little thing,a stich, your "signature" which you will bound to your work so it cant be copied.. one thing that will be related to you and that mark you need to authorize.
Good luck, cuz you do bring life to this beautifull handart, i say, anybody can crochet, or knit, but not tatt:)

StringyDogs said...

I am on your side as well. This is your artistry. Most of us can follow a pattern, few of us can design (I am of the latter group).
A possible stress easer: think of the notes you have written and make a "master note". Then, when you see a copy, you don't have to compose. It will make the process easier for you, less time consuming.

Kersti said...

Most knitting patterns include a line to the effect that items made are for own use and cannot be sold, or they say that a commercial licence is available should you wish to do that.

Your etsy market is more likely to be non-tatters, who wouldn't really use your patterns anyway.

Tatters may well buy from you because they are not at the level yet to create the same themselves, or perhaps because they simply wish to support you and see you rewarded for the enormous amount you give to the craft.

Experienced tatters can likely recreate at least some of your pieces but may well appreciate an opportunity to purchase your patterns if they were to be available as another way to support you.

Never say never, the time simply isn't right for you yet. However, in your slow times it might be worth writing out the instructions from your notes so that they are to hand should you decide to publish. It may also be worth having a chat with other etsy sellers who have sold pattern books and see what their thoughts are on cannabilism from their shops.

I see you mention this topic time and time again, so it strikes me that you must get a good number of enquiries which means there's a market out there!