Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still Working

It's a damn good thing I'm an efficient multitasker or I would have gone mad yesterday with the sheer amount of tatting I did. I emptied not one, but two balls of thread in the process and there's a third barely hanging on.

I started even before schooling and then was straight back to it afterwards. I thought about tatting during the kids classes, but it really is best to give them as much of my attention as possible, but the rest of the day belonged to lace. I used all that tatting time to catch up shows I was behind on as well as more reading. I've now well over halfway through the Sherlock Holmes cannon and I've even begun to guess the outcomes eariler in the tales. I suppose that's probably because they've been so heavily borrowed from for other stories and shows, but still...it makes me feel smart.

I am down to the last few pieces in the large order though they are the largest ones, so I've got a small chance to finish today. I won't be surprised if I don't though. As long as I can start on the mask ordered on Sunday by Thursday I should have it finished in the time quoted. Once that's done I'll still have a few pieces left to remake, so my days are planned all week. Of course with all this concentration on tatting I've not paid enough attention to the other things happening this week. It's the oldest child's birthday on Friday followed by her party on Saturday, so I need to find time to clean and we'll be off to the zoo on Friday. Then next week we have her doctor's appointment and the kids end of year school celebration even though they're not done will schooling until the 11th of next month. Just writing all this out is making me tired. Well, there's nothing for it but to get on with it, right?

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