Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well, That's Done

Another day of doing exactly what I set out to do and not a lick more. The morning was schooling followed by errands so I didn't get round to listing the new necklaces until well after lunch, but I did do so. I listed the two color version using the variations, so you can pick you're two colors easily. I also managed to find some old pictures of the necklace I had when I made it the first time, around 5 or 6 years ago so I have more color examples. As with most of the pieces I return to, it's undergone some slight adjustments so I like the pattern better.

I also listed the three color version as a 'sepia edition' without variations because I can't list three. I did note at the bottom of the listing that you can simply note three colors at checkout and where you'd like each.

After I finished those two things, I kind of checked out for a while. I didn't want to make another of them because I dislike having too many pieces on hand in colors that I don't know will sell of not. Sure I'll make endless pieces in black without a thought, but not colors. So I finished watching a netflix series and read some more Sherlock Holmes stories and spent some time with the family in the evening.

Today is going to be another busy, away, day. The kids have their End of Year Celebration which includes kindergarten graduation for the youngest in the early afternoon. I won't have time for anything else then until well after lunch, maybe later. I did sell one piece that needs remaking, so I have a small task on hand, but it's probably all I get round to doing unless I feel that creative spark again soon. I'm finding the end of the school year almost as busy as the holidays this year.

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