Friday, May 17, 2013


The order I'm expecting still isn't finalized, but I do have a list of the pieces they want. So rather than sit on my hands and wait, I thought I'd just get to work on them especially since a few of them are some of my more complicated bracelets. As you're aware I rarely write out my patterns so when I remake sold ones I rely on my somewhat spotty memory and photographs which can be troublesome. When I actually have the pieces on hand it's much easier. So along with making the ones needed for the order, I'm going to try and make an additional piece of the hard to make ones before they leave me. Of course that means that I feel the need to work faster so yesterday was just the first of many, nose to the grindstone days.

I felt like I got a lot accomplished, but I think in the end it was only three bracelets. In my defense they were large and more difficult than most of the ones I've designed. Add that to the general frustration I was feeling over the unrelated problem of bloody all day email issues and it was kind of an exhausting day.

I did wake up to my email miraculously righting itself so perhaps it's going to be a great day even though it's basically the same plan for today. I'm just going to continue to make and make and make some more, likely for quite a few more days. It really is a good thing though, isn't it? When I'm busy I feel productive and generally satisfied with myself, so I'll happily get back to work now.

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