Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celtic Triangles

I did just what I set out to do yesterday. Schooling has gotten shorter as we near the end of the year. This is mostly because the kids sometimes did more lessons than they needed to meaning there are few left to stretch until the 11th. Of course that means I have a little more time to my tatting. I got the Celtic triangle pendants listed and then decided to ask for color suggestions for the necklace version.

I was kind of taken aback by some of the suggestions though. As you might have guessed, I am not the biggest fan of color in my work. When I do use color it's very basic and I suppose you could say, not very adventurous. Don't worry I'm not going to start adventuring just because color combinations like orange & pink or green & purple were suggested. I went with the combination suggestions that I liked and thought would fit in with my aesthetic.

I started with the red and black. I remember doing this one back when I made this necklace the first time except the colors were reversed. I figured I can make a couple of combinations and then list it with the color choice options and make it to order that way if they want those adventurous combinations I can make it just for them.

Another suggestion was made to do it in three colors, so I worked this one up in sepia tones. The only problem with listing a custom three color version is that etsy only has two variations to select, so I can't list all three. I may just list it as the sepia and then in the description say that it can be made in any three colors and note them at checkout. It's a clumsier way to do it of course with more room for error, but that was how we all did it before the variation options existed.

I'm going to try to get these listed today, but I also have errands that need running so I'm not sure if I actually will or if I will claim laziness and leave it for another day. I am feeling listless again. I think it might just be the letdown after working so furiously on large orders and birthday celebrations. It's just hard to slow back down again.


Vicky said...

LOVE the three-toned sepia!

Could you list color options as simply "One Color," "Two Colors," and "Three Colors"? Then the purchaser can list what color(s) they would like in the comments at checkout?

Trish G said...

I love this design :)

West Pine Creations said...

I love the two color combos...really makes the tatting 'pop'!! Beautiful work!