Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was another super busy weekend around here. Friday was my daughter's birthday and as it's been
our tradition, we headed to the zoo for the day. She was elated to be chosen as a volunteer in the bird show and a little bummed to learn that friends of ours had their baby that same day. She just doesn't like the idea of sharing her birthday, but she had such a good day that I think she let it go. I didn't bring any tatting with me as nothing was really urgently needed, so it was a day without lace.

Saturday was her party which means my day went something like this, cleaning, laundry, dishes, more cleaning, decorating, hosting, cleaning, a quick break to go see a movie with the family and back to more cleaning, dishes and dismantling the decorations. The level of exhausted I reached was epic, also the name of the movie we saw.

Sunday started off completely normal, but I did get an order in the shop, so I actually had some tatting to do. Of course we also managed to go on a walk, get some shopping done and watch a couple of episodes of the new Arrested Development. I remained quite exhausted last night, but stayed up just long enough to see the triple planetary conjunction because space is amazing. It was an odd weekend and of course it's not quite over. The children have the day off school today and the husband is off work as well. I think the plan is to just stay in, relax and recover. It's still a Monday though so here I am, up and ready to start the day. When your alarm clock consists of six cats, sleeping in is never a real option.

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