Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Day

Another day with so little to share, it's barely worth writing. You know me though, can't skip a day. It's habit, routine, obsessive compulsion, I'm not certain which is truer, but I'm compelled to continue. As you can imagine I spent most, well really all of yesterday tatting. It wasn't until early evening that I finally finished the last piece in the large order. So when I was done I opted to take a break for the rest of the day.

Today I have all the finishing work ahead of me. I need to put various clasps and whatnot on the jewelry, press everything and get it all packed up. You might think this is a simple task, and it is, but it is also time consuming when done right. So it will likely not get tackled until after schooling and when it is done it's straight onto the mask that needs making. So I've got my entire day cut out for me. It's one of my larger masks as well, so I probably won't finish it today either. Well, there's a chance, I am in production mode and that tends to increase my speed, but either way today is definitely booked.

Since I seem to be getting things done at a good pace I should actually have time to clean the house before the weekend as well. I was actually kind of getting worried about that. I generally place housework at the bottom of the queue because let's face it, no one is paying me to do that, unlike the tatting. It is the child's birthday party though, so I'm glad I'll have time to put in the effort. Not glad to clean mind you, but it's the right thing to do. Well, I think I've babbled on quite enough for this morning. It's time to get a few things done.

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