Thursday, May 23, 2013


Another day slaving over tatting needle...okay, maybe not. It does get a little warm though. Wow, that whole sentence just sounds terribly odd, I'm sorry you had to read that. I have good news though. I managed to get everything done yesterday that needed doing.

I worked on the mask I needed to make up until schooling started. After schooling I had to run some errands but upon our return I got out all the findings and put together all the pieces that needed them. Then out came the ironing board and the steam iron and I pressed until everything looked perfect and ready to ship. Then counting and stacking and putting it all in the computer room where I will get it in a box this morning.

Then I was determined to finish the mask and tatting the rest of the day did just the trick. It too is done, pressed and ready to ship this morning. Of course that doesn't mean I have nothing left to do, not by a long shot. Today will be dedicated to remaking several pieces and getting some housecleaning done. Since we'll be gone tomorrow to the zoo for the child's birthday I won't have much time tomorrow to get much done. I'll save the floors until Saturday morning though, because they will undo their clean almost immediately. I think perhaps I'm telling you more than you have any desire to know about my cleaning habits. Suffice it to say that I will be busy again today.

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