Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Once again, a long weekend full of things there were not tatting. Though Friday did begin with me finishing my tatted demi gloves. I wasn't actually tatting then either, I was embroidering, so really no tatting at all then. When I got done with all my other Friday business, I cleaned some and then I decided to finish the crochet tank top I had started in black alpaca yarn. So now my break time projects are all done as well.

Saturday was a Lowe's project with the kids in the morning and lots of errands so we wouldn't have to go out much on Sunday. Lot's of shopping and when we were home, lots of cleaning. Seriously, there are too many floors in this place and too many cats to befoul them. The amount of fur around here is utterly ridiculous. It's really too bad there is no way I could ever be comfortable with having a house cleaner because there would certainly be plenty of things I'd be okay not doing anymore. Never going to happen though, it's just too odd and uncomfortable.

Sunday was a lovely Mother's Day around here. The kids and the husband did well picking out gifts and we had both our Mothers and the rest of the family over for a nice BBQ lunch. Even though it was ridiculously hot for this time of year, I think it hit 100º, it was quite pleasant. For once I didn't feel too overwhelmed cleaning up afterward either. I played some new video games, my gifts, and even managed to get some more reading in though still no tatting.

The coming week is pleasantly packed with no extra events, just normal schooling. There are no big tatting projects in queue, in fact there are no, any kind of tatting projects in queue. That's means I need to either figure out what I want to accomplish this week, or ignore it all and just play more video games. I'm leaning toward the later, but you know I can only go so long without tatting, so I guess only time will tell.

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