Friday, May 24, 2013


If possible, yesterday was even less eventful than the previous days. There was much tatting, much cleaning and even a little time for a school fossil project, but not much interesting. Well, that's not entirely true I got a message on etsy from a mask maker that I know who had been told by another mask maker that her pictures were stolen by a website purporting to sell them and when she looked she saw some of my photos as well. At first I reacted with the livid nervousness that usually strikes when I have to confront someone, but it settled fairly quickly.

Why did I calm down? Well firstly I couldn't find the website even when I googled their name so it's hard to find. Secondly, while the other mask makers were really worried about them selling knockoffs, I can't even imagine how they would knock off a hand tatted mask with a machine and come up with anything that was remotely similar especially given that none of my pictures lend themselves to that sort of thing. Yes, I know there are those embroidery machine tatting patterns, but they'd still have to design that and they don't strike me as that skilled. Plus they have one of my masks on their best sellers page which leads me to believe that they actually haven't sold anything at all and it's all a scam. The other mask designs all appear to be stolen photos as well and all prices at the real price of their original locations. I'm not certain what the exact scam is, but it's definitely one. The other makers are all sending DMCA notices, so hopefully it won't exist for long anyway.

Today I'll be off with the family at the zoo for the oldest daughter's birthday. I might tat in the car on the way, I might not. I try to let go a little bit for their birthdays and let it be about what they want to do, so I probably won't get anything done. Then I'll have to clean like a madwoman on Saturday morning before the party so everything is presentable around here. Yep, it's going to be another long weekend. Hopefully it's an interesting one as well.

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