Monday, May 20, 2013

The Grindstone

During schooling Friday morning, the large order I'd already been working on went through. When it was all properly laid out I realized that although it was about the same number of items as the last time they ordered, the pieces this time around were primarily more complex ones. Last time it was tons of earrings, this time tons of large cuff bracelets. As you might imagine I spent most of my weekend hard at work.

On Saturday, we did make a family trip to see the new Star Trek movie and it was a lovely break from the grind. Also, it was a completely gratifying film. Other than the movie and a few quick errands, we were at home and when we were at home I was tatting away. Also, for probably the first time ever, I'm going to need all the time I quoted someone to make their pieces. Why? Because I got another order on Sunday that needs to be made and it's a mask, which means it takes no little time to make itself. I feel like I'm on a serious clock to finish the large order, which has several pieces left in it to make, so I can get to the mask. I even got a third custom order last night, but luckily, it was for a custom ring and I just took a short break to whip that out so it isn't added to the queue.

I know I always say I like being busy, and I really do, but forgive me complaining a little about my
sore shoulder and the fact that I have nothing of import to share with you...oh, wait, I just remembered. Over the weekend the Spun exhibit opened at the Denver Art Museum and the lovely Celtic Katte snapped this photo for me of my ankle corsets on display. I imagine the rest of the display is quite interesting as well, but since I'll never see it, I'll have to live vicariously through others. So here I go, back to the grindstone.

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