Friday, May 10, 2013

Still Working

Day three with nothing of interest to share. Seriously I spent all day yesterday, save for time spent schooling, on those demi gloves. I even managed to mess up once or twice and had to cut out bits and start again. I'm very nearly finished now, but I still have more embroidery to do. The design is simple, but I'm using metallic blending filament which has it's own issues. I have to use it in short lengths because the metallic strip begins to stretch after repeated pulls through the lace and it separate from the other two fibers in the filament. Even tying it off and hiding the ends is a pain the arse. So it takes a long time to do a very little embroidery. The picture is of the last pair I did. I think this go around I've done a little better on it actually, but I'm certainly not going to bother taking new listing photos.

So today I finish up these and then I'm almost all caught up again. I do have a pair of barefoot sandals I could make, but they're already listed as a custom piece, so there's no real rush on that. It's what I'll probably end up doing though...unless something more interesting or pressing presents itself. I do have the house to clean as we're hosting for Mother's Day and I haven't bothered with the floors in a little too long, but I might save that until tomorrow. I also have one last quick meeting with one of the kid's teachers, but that won't take long at all. Here's hoping for something interesting to surprise me today and a lovely weekend ahead. Since I won't see you until Monday, Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there whether your kids be two legged, or four legged, or both.

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Unknown said...

Have you tried a product called thread heaven it may help with the metalic threads. I use it in cross stitch and it is cool. Just an idea for you. By the way the tatting looks fab!

Luv Jane xx