Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm afraid we are now at day two without anything interesting to show you. At least today starts without me being nervous. In fact yesterday's incident resolved so pleasantly that I fear I really rather overreacted with stress. Of course if you've been following me for a long time you might remember that things have gone much worse, painfully worse in times past. I'm not going to waste anymore thought on all that old business though.

I spent all of yesterday immersed in the business of remaking the pieces that are flying out today including the demi gloves that were giving me so much pause. I managed to even finish tatting one of them even improving my methods...I think. I can't really be certain since it had really been too long to remember how I went about construction last time. Either way, I'm making progress and I'll be at it again today to hopefully finish the second glove and start with the embroidery.

I always feel so boring when I'm immersed in remaking. I have nothing new to share unless you want to hear about my day long headache, which I'm fairly certain you do not. So I'll just move along then and thanks for the commiseration yesterday. I try not to go off like that too often, but it is cathartic. Hopefully today will bring something new and interesting.

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