Thursday, May 2, 2013

Different Direction

Unfortunately May did not begin with a bang as I'd hoped. There was no orders or requests. I didn't suddenly have a great idea that I went straight to work on. No, none of that. I did put forth the effort to list the new motif as a pendant, so at least that's done.

At lunch time I was requested to run errands. I decided that since I was going to be out anyway that I would stop by the craft store and pick up the yarn I would need for a free pattern I got in my email. I get a ton of craft emails as you might image and they are largely ignored. This time I was in possession of the rare combination of liking a pattern i could actually use as well as having a bit of extra time on my hands. Even better, the required yarn turned out to be on clearance.

Upon retuning home, I closed my computer, determined not to dwell on the slow nature of the shop and started crocheting. It's a neat spider web kind of pattern so it's working up quite quickly. That is exactly what I needed. Something to not only keep me busy, but also to give me a sense of accomplishment with visible progress.

I'm just going to keep working on this project today. Sure, I'll stop if the shop suddenly springs back to life, but otherwise, I'm enjoying the small change of pace. I guess sometimes you have to stop walking into a wall and just walk in a different direction until you find a better way around.

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