Monday, March 7, 2011

Demi Glove

Wow, did I have a productive weekend. Well, it was mostly Sunday actually. I shipped the awareness bracelet to its new home and got an order for a custom red choker, so I worked on that all Friday and Saturday morning so I could get it in the mail as quickly as possible and get back to the demi-glove. Twitter assured me that 'demi-glove' was the better name for the piece, so I'll stick with that for now. This is the first one all done up and embellished. I spent a lot of time working on getting the design to follow the shape of my hand and it fits perfectly. Luckily the design also has a bit of stretch so it shouldn't need to be too customized. I am currently still working on the second of the pair. As you might image this is a more involved piece than even some of my neck pieces so with the crystals and the embroidery added on too, they are going to cost someone a pretty penny.

It wasn't just a productive tatting day either. Where we spent Saturday movie going, Rango is a great movie by the way, we shopped on Sunday and I found my rings. I checked hardware stores, but I just kept finding bits that were not quite right. Then I thought maybe the craft section of Michael's, the Internet had let me down, but after an impulse to check just one more aisle, these babies were found. They are beyond perfect, the right mix of diameters and the ring gauges are just right as well, not too thin nor too thick. While I was there I also ransacked the clearance aisle for more bits to work with and scored quite a few new oddities that will eventually be worked into lace.

Today the plan is to finish up the other demi-glove and perhaps even get them listed. Then I have a couple of things I want to remake including the awareness bracelet. Once all that is done, I might get to playing with rings, or the other bits. Of course all that might wait until tomorrow too since the list before it might take longer than I hope. Boy, it is great to be inspired to work though. I love getting things done.

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