Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday went just about how I expected it would. I stalled for a while before steeling my nerves to work on getting the large order finished. I've often thought that if I ever hired someone to help me, which is beyond unlikely, it would be just to put on clasps and press my pieces. This time I had the added fun of also carefully bagging up bobby pin sets and earrings, but I think everything is ready to go. I'm still deciding the best way to ship them all safely, but they should be on their way today or tomorrow at the latest.

Then I got to work remaking pieces. I've gotten quite used to working with my thread and finished pieces in a large plastic bag. With all the cats shedding for Spring, it really is the only pragmatic way of avoiding too much fur contamination. I wish I could say that this gets it all, but I still spend quite some time picking off stray bits as I press them. I have plenty more to tat up today. In fact I'm fairly certain the remaking will take me the entire week, but I'm determined to take a little time off as well. Maybe a little more of that book reading and if the weather would like to cooperate, a few nice walks could be good as well.

I took one other photo for you yesterday. The cat was being strange and that seemed a good thing to share. I believe she was attacking a cat toy that was on the floor beneath the chair. Why she couldn't have done so from the ground, I really have no idea.

So here's to a productive day so I can get around to some creativity this week as well. My brain needs the exercise.

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